Kofa Folkloric Event

For years my mom has worked in education, previously as a library and various other positions helping Hispanic immigrant children and kids with special needs. Along with her academic duties she had practiced the art of hispanic folkloric dance. Along with fellow teachers and best friend Martina, they had performed this folkloric dance at various events in Yuma at their school well as city events like the Tamale Festival in Somerton. Now that time has passed my mom had decided to stop dancing and has focused her efforts on teaching the dance. My mom and her best friend Martina now teach at the same high school Kofa High. Where they host a dance club teaching all the different variations of folkloric dance & music. Hosting an event like this was a dream of Martina's and it was a special night for everyone involved. It was the first of many, and we hope that with more volunteers & donations we can keep hosting these events and sharing our culture. No one was paid, many of the dresses and costumes were also donated. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported! Salud!