Eric Castanos Photo & Design

Eric Castanos is a Photographer and Graphic Designer based in Yuma, Arizona. He studied Graphic Design and minored in Illustration at The Art Institute of Phoenix. After graduation, he began his career working as an Art Director in agencies across the valley. 

Although he studied graphic design, photography has always been a passion for Eric — thanks in large to his love of skateboarding. He sharpened the skills he learned capturing everyday life at the skatepark at his agency job to help clients and add another tool to his creative arsenal. 

In 2016, Eric had the opportunity to take his photography to the next level so he left his agency job to pursue photography and design as a full-time freelancer.

This site is a collection of photographs and design work from the past couple of years. It includes client work as well as personal passion projects. If you’d like to collaborate on your next creative project, contact Eric here.